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Distance Learning at SMCC

SMCC offers a wide array of individual courses and programs to students who are interested in interactive learning. The program provides the opportunity for traditional and non-traditional students to pursue a secondary education via the Internet and enroll in courses that may have been unavailable because of scheduling or distance related difficulties. For a list of courses taught exclusively over the Internet click the "Courses Offered" menu button on the left.

  1. WebCT Courses
  2. Online Math Courses
  3. Non-Credit Online Learning (Element K)

WebCT Courses

To Access most SMCC Distance Learning courses (WEBCT platform), click on the distance learning center logo below.

Listance Learning Center Logo

Online Math Courses

Taking courses "at a distance" can open the doors of SMCC's math courses to those who would not normally have access to the course offerings. To find out more information about SMCC's online math courses, please click on the logo image below or visit

Link to SMCC's Online Math Courses

Non-Credit Online Courses (Element K)

Seeking a more self-directed alternative to the traditional classroom Setting? SMCC is pleased to now offer online non-credit learning courses as part of its curriculum!

Online learning allows students flexibility, access to new courses, and the convenience of learning at any time and at any pace. Perfect for those students unable to attend class in a traditional classroom setting or for those wanting an alternative to the classroom, online learning allows you the control to determine how and when you want to learn. Choose from instructor-facilitated or self-study courses. Minimum hardware and software requirements for taking Online Learning courses are available on the website at

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