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Below is a partial listing of SMCC general education courses available* to Liberal Studies students. SMCC may also offer University of Southern Maine or University of Maine Augusta courses on our campus to expand course selection further. Students who meet specified criteria may also take courses (SMCC tuition rates) at area colleges that are part of the Greater Portland Alliance of Colleges and Universities.

AHS-120 Anatomy and Physiology I w/lab      
AHS-122 Anatomy and Physiology II w/lab      
BIO-101 General Biology without lab      
BIO-110 Botany      
BIO-111 General Biology w/lab      
BIO-112 Marine Biology      
BIO-113 Invertebrate Zoology      
BIO-211 Microbiology
BIO-212 Ecology w/lab      
BIO-246 Marine Botany      
BIO-248 Fishery Science      
BIO-250 Resource Management      
BUS-103 Intro to Business and Technology      
BUS-111 Financial Accounting      
BUS-114 Managerial Accounting & Finance      
BUS-122 Business Organization & Mgmt      
BUS-123 Mgmt & Leadership Dynamics      
BUS-200 Business Law      
CHM-102 Introduction to Chemistry      
CHM-111 General Chemistry I      
CHM-112 General Chemistry II      
ECO-204 Macroeconomics      
ENG-111 English Composition      
ENG-113 Oral Communications      
ENG-115 Introduction to Literature      
ENG-200 Creative Writing      
ENV-101 Environmental Issues Seminar      
ENV-201 Analytical Techniques      
ENV-204 Geology & Hydrology      
FCE-100 Foreign Cultural Experience -LET      
FCE-101 Foreign Cultural Experience -SSC      
FCE-102 Foreign Cultural Experience -HUM      
FCE-103 Foreign Cultural Experience -ECE      
HUM-101 Ethical Dilemmas in Modern Society      
HUM-102 History of Science      
HUM-103 History of Technology      
HUM-104 Working Women/Transform American      
HUM-200 Introduction to Philosophy      
IMT-102 Word Processing      
IMT-105 Intro to Microcomputers      
LAN-X99 Conversational German      
MAT-100 Foundations of Mathematics      
MAT-103 College Algebra      
MAT-104 Trigonometry      
MAT-105 Geometry      
MAT-106 Problem Solving      
MAT-110 Pre-Calculus      
MAT-112 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I      
MAT-131 Introduction to Statistics      
MAT-213 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II      
OCO-111 Elements of Oceanography      
PHY-105 Physical Science      
PHY-110 Technical Physics      
PHY-111 Technical Physics I      
PHY-112 Technical Physics II      
PHY-113 College Physics I      
PHY-114 College Physics II      
PSY-101 Developmental Psychology      
SML-111 Strength of Materials-Structural      
SSC-202 Sociology      
SSC-203 State and Local Government      
SSC-204 Political Science      
SSC-206 Psychology of Human Behavior      
SSC-207 Community Service Sociology      

* Availability of individual courses will vary based upon the semester, course schedules and the demand.

For more information on the Maine Technical College System's
Associate in Arts Degree Program, please click here.

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