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Mentoring Opportunities

Although the curriculum at SMCC is filled with opportunities for students to gain practical experience, a mentor can provide a learning adventure that is different from any other.

Mentors set an example and provide an educational environment that is both personalized and non-judgmental. Every mentor/mentee relationship is different and is based solely on the mutual agreement of both parties. Some relationships are exclusively e-mail or phone. Others involve lunch, either once a week or twice a year. Many become life-long relationships that deepen as the years go by.

Students need mentors for hundreds of different reasons. In the beginning of their studies they may be in need of reassurance that they've made the right career choice or need advice on how to balance their time. Near the end, their needs are more practically related, they may be concerned with networking and job placement. For adult students, a mentoring need may be more related to the lifestyle change than to the career - displaced homemakers and students involved in career changes due to layoffs or injuries are common.

If you're willing to mentor a current student, please contact the office of Alumni Relations by calling 741-5575 or e-mail us at: Let us know where you work, what you do, what types of learning opportunities you may be able to provide, and how you would like to be contacted.

We'll pass your information along to the appropriate department and eventually, a student who will be grateful for your generosity will contact you.

Mentoring at Southern Maine Community College is a new Alumni program. As it grows, so will this website. Check in again soon.

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