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Textbooks are probably the most important purchase you will make in terms of your academic success. To purchase wisely you should first do some research. Go to class and ask your instructor questions. How will the textbook be used? Will exam questions come from text material? Could an old edition of the text be used?

Check out the bookstore textbook return policy. How long do I have to return a book? Can I return the book if I write my name in it? Does the return policy include used books purchased at the store? Can I return the book if I opened the shrink-wrapped package and software sleeve? Do I need a sales receipt in order to return a book?

Before selling your textbooks back to the store or wholesaler make sure it isn't needed for another course. Sell early during buyback to get the best price. The supply may outweigh the demand.>

We recognize that textbooks are expensive. Prices are determined by demand for the book, publisher's price, and extra course materials packaged with books. The SMCC College Store's margin on a new textbook is 25% above cost. If the retail price of a book is $40, the SMCC bookstore paid the publisher $30. This margin is considerably lower than that on most items you purchase as a consumer.

Book Buy Backs

The SMCC College Store buys used books from students for book wholesalers on a regular basis. The price is determined by the wholesaler. A representative from a wholesale book company will conduct two major buys a year in the college store. These buys are during the last week of the fall and spring semesters. At this time the wholesaler will be buying from a list given to him by the SMCC College Store as well as from his wholesale guide. The money you get back for a textbook depends on the future demand for that book. If the book is a current edition, ordered by the faculty for the coming semester, we will pay approximately 50% of the current book price. If we do not have a faculty order for the book, the student has the option to keep the book or sell to the wholesaler at the buying guide price.

The Breakplace

The Breakplace is a small shop offering coffee, cold drinks, hot foods, sandwiches and salads plus an array of snacks. It is located adjacent to the bookstore and the lounge. The Breakplace hours are 8:00 - 8:30 during the school year.


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