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Computer Technology

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  1. Program Overview
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  4. High School Prerequisites
  5. Continuing Your Education

Program Overview

Computer Technology is a two-year associate degree program designed to educate the student in the areas of microcomputer hardware, communications, networking [Local-Area Networks (LANís) and Wide-Area Networks (WANís)], software configuration and software development. With the explosion of technology in the microcomputer industry over the last decade, the need for highly diverse technicians/developers with the ability to learn in a rapidly changing environment has outstripped the supply.

The intent of the program is to educate people to fill this void. Upon completion of the degree, the graduate will be able to apply her/his discipline in areas of business and industry where microcomputers are being used. The curriculum is designed to encourage the student to develop critical thinking skills and a well rounded knowledge of the microcomputer industry and its applications.

Prerequisites for the Computer Technology program are two years of high school algebra or the equivalent, with well-demonstrated strength in analytical skills. Excellent reading comprehension and solid writing skills are also important. It is recommended that applicants have a basic knowledge of microcomputers. It is highly recommended that the student own a minimum of a pentium class machine, as a large degree of success in the Computer Technology program comes from the many hours spent using the machine. First priority for this two year program will go to full-time students. Limited course offerings for part-time students are available evenings.

In addition to Algebra I and II, knowledge of DOS, Windows and general keyboarding skills are important prerequisite skills for all applicants.

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Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of structured programming, databases and application development.
  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of PC hardware.
  • Design and manage pc networks in a Microsoft, Novel, or Unix environment.

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High School Course Recommendations

The following courses are not required for entrance into the program, but they are highly recommended.

Algebra I
Algebra II

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Continuing Your Education

Graduates of Computer Technology who wish to pursue a Baccalaureate Degree can take advantage of our articulation agreement with the Business Management program at Thomas College or the Business Administration program at Husson College. Credits often transfer to similar programs at other colleges as well.

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