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Fire Science Technology

Tara Kavanaugh

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  1. Program Overview
  2. Program Learning Outcomes
  3. Program Curriculums
  4. High School Course Recommendations
  5. Continuing Your Education
  6. Maine Fire Training Web Site

Program Overview

The Fire Science Technology program is designed to provide both in-service and pre-service students with sound technical and academic experiences, enabling them to assume positions of responsibility as members of fire departments or as technical employees of industrial firms and insurance companies. The program provides training in detecting and eliminating fire hazards and causes through periodic inspections, remedial recommendations, and systematic follow-ups.

Practical technical instruction is designed to meet fire and life-safety needs; responsibilities and obligation of fire protection in engineering, building-design, plant-protection; fire-investigation; and all other fields where a hazard may be involved.

The ultimate goal is to assist the student to develop the appropriate skills and knowledge for professional fire protection. Fire Science Technology courses are available at off campus locations around the state.

A one-year certificate option is available which can consist of either:

  1. 30 credits of technical classes or
  2. 15 credits of technical classes and 15 credits of selected academic subjects.

Graduates of the program have been employed as industrial fire-protection specialists, safety technicians, fire insurance inspectors, inspection bureau representatives, state fire inspectors and municipal fire department employees, many of whom have earned their degree while employed in their area of specialty.

Live-in Student Firefighter Program

Various area fire departments, in cooperation with SMCC and Maine Fire Training and Education, are pleased to offer this exciting option to many of our fire science students. Students accepted into the “live-in” program (space is limited) live in area fire houses (rent free) in exchange for being “on call” during specific hours. They have additional responsibilities and must provide their own meals. Further information is available through our fire science department.

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Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

  • provide an in-depth analysis of the principles of fire control through the utilization of personnel, equipment, and extinguishing agents on the fire ground
  • demonstrate an understanding of the principles of fire development, cause, and prevention
  • apply theoretical knowledge of hydraulic principles to solving water supply problems for fire protection
  • understand the principles of supervision and management necessary for leadership and administration in the fire service
  • utilize knowledge of building construction principles, fire protection systems, and fire prevention codes to affect safer occupancies
  • identify hazardous materials, hazardous properties, and successful emergency scene operations.

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High School Course Recommendations

The following courses are not required for entrance into the program, but they are highly recommended.

Algebra I

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Continuing Your Education

Associate degree graduates can transfer a full two years of credits toward a baccalaureate degree in Applied Technical Education or Applied Technical Leadership at the University of Southern Maine. They may also transfer two years of credits toward a baccalaureate degree in Business Administration at Husson College or two years of credits toward a baccalaureate degree in Public Administration at University of Maine at Augusta.

Fire Science associate degree graduates have also had success in transferring most credits toward baccalaureate degree programs in the Fire Science field.

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