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Respiratory Therapy

Program Overview

Respiratory Therapy is an Allied Health specialty involved with evaluation, treatment, management, diagnosis and preventive care of patients with cardiopulmonary problems. The respiratory therapist is a life-support specialist. During emergency calls, which often signify a life and death situation of cardiac and/or pulmonary arrest, respiratory therapists become responsible for life support of the patient through airway management, artificial ventilation, external massage and other sophisticated emergency support measures. Therapists must be efficient in many areas of specialized and therapeutic respiratory care, such as oxygen, humidification, aerosols, positive pressure breathing, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, mechanical ventilation, airway management, pulmonary function studies and blood gas analysis. With the ever increasing number of cardiopulmonary disorders and the advancement in respiratory therapy and specialty areas, job opportunities in this dynamic and challenging Allied Health profession are rapidly expanding.

The program leads to an Associate of Science Degree, and is run in close cooperation with its clinical affiliates: Maine Medical Center and Mercy Hospital in Portland, St. Mary's Regional Medical Center and Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, Southern Maine Medical Center in Biddeford, and Mid Coast Hospital in Brunswick.

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Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion from the Respiratory Therapy Program graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate cognitive behavior in the clinical setting consistent with a therapist level Respiratory Care Practitioner.

  • Exhibit Psychomotor skills, in the clinical setting, consistent with a therapist level Respiratory Care Practitioner.

  • Demonstrate attitudes and behaviors, in the clinical setting, consistent with a therapist level Respiratory Care Practitioner.

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Program Admission Requirements

  • Accuplacer placement test scores OR exemption (you must place into ENG 111 and MAT 108)
  • HS Biology with lab and HS chemistry with lab OR one semester of either College Biology with lab or College Chemistry with lab.
  • PSB with a score of 50%+ in Natural Science OR College Biology with lab (within last 10 years) OR College Chemistry with lab (within last 10 years).

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High School Course Recommendations

Highly Recommended
Algebra I
College Prep Chemistry
College Prep Biology

Algebra II
College Prep Physics

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