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Occupational Information

The following web sites provide job descriptions, wage and salary data, education requirements and a host of other information on thousands of occupations.

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Occupational Information Network: O-Net Online

  • The Find Occupations section is the best online source of information on any career or job! It includes a description of all tasks, knowledge, skills, abilities, education/training required, work values, work needs, salary data by state, etc., just type in any job title.

    Using this information in combination with several career interest “tests” the SMCC Career Center has, we can help you identify many occupations that seems to be a good “match” for you!

  • The Skills Search section identifies your work related skills (as you see yourself) and then matches them with appropriate occupations.

  • Crosswalk allows you to “cross match” all occupation title codes numbers (if you have them) with the major job classification systems below.

    • Dictionary of Occupational Title (DOT)
    • Standard Occupational Classification (SOC)
    • Military Occupational Classification (MOC)
    • Registered Apprenticeship Information System (RAIS).

Also on this page there is a "job accommodations link" that takes you to extensive information of accommodations for a wide variety of handicapping conditions.

Occupational Outlook Handbook - US Department of Labor

The Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) - detailed job descriptions and other information on hundreds of occupations. To access, click on “OOH Search” on the top right.

The Princeton Review

See what careers are most often associated with specific college majors. Click on the “Career” tab on the top and then click on “Turn a Major into a Career”.  Then select a specific major.  On the next page, click on the “Graduate Programs and Careers” tab.

Career Counseling Library - University of California, Berkeley

Explore what occupations your four-year degree could lead to and lots of other useful links and in depth information.

Provides up to date salary data by state for 100's of occupations. Includes extensive descriptions of these occupations. Select state and occupation and then click on “select”.  When the next page comes up you can review the questions listed or scroll to bottom and select "create basic report.  The description of the occupation listed is on the bottom of this page.

Career One Stop Logo

Career One Stop

A comprehensive site with a variety of useful information on career resources, job search, resume writing (step by step tutorial), college search, etc..

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