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Residence Life

Approximately 200 students attending Southern Maine Community College are residence hall students. On SMCC's campus, we have 3 residence halls housing approximately 127 students. Another option is Portland Hall, a residence hall located at the University of Southern Maine, about 3 miles from SMCC in downtown Portland. Approximately 75 SMCC students live at Portland Hall.

Surfsite Hall

Surfsite Hall, the largest of the 3 halls on campus houses 87 students including 4 Resident Assistants and one student Resident Director. Surfsite Hall is located diagonally up the hill from the Gym on Surfsite Road. Surfsite Hall has a large TV lounge, a recreation room and a kitchen with a microwave oven, stove, oven and refrigerator. There are coin operated washing machines and dryers located in the bathrooms.


Harborview Hall, houses 23 students including 2 Resident Assistants. This hall, located next to the President's house, is a wellness hall - students live with other students who choose to lead a drug and alcohol free life. Harborview has a TV lounge and recreation room and one coin operated washing machine and dryer, all located in the lower level of the building.


Hillside Hall, houses 17 students including 2 Resident Assistants. Hillside is situated just off campus on the corner of Preble and Broadway. Hillside has a kitchen with a microwave, stove, oven and refrigerator. There is also a TV lounge and a recreation area.

Recreational Activities

The Housing and Residence Life Department, which includes the Director of Housing and Residence Life along with 1 Resident Director, and 8 Resident Assistants, plan various recreational activities for the residence hall students to enjoy. We look for residents who are serious about their academic work and who want to get involved in the residence life community. To reach the Director of Housing and Residence Life, please call 207-799-4334.

Drug Policy

There is a strict policy concerning drugs and alcohol on campus. SMCC prohibits use, sale, possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages in all residence halls and on campus. Illegal drugs are grounds for immediate contract termination. Alcohol is not permitted in any residence hall room or common areas. Disciplinary action will take place for any student found in violation, regardless of whether or not the student is of legal drinking age.

Student Conduct

For many students, residence life represents the first extended stay away from home. As such, it is a time of major adjustment, a time when self-reliance and self-discipline become more important than one's dependence upon one's family. All students who become residence hall students at SMCC are expected to conduct themselves with regard for the welfare of the College and the respect and rights of all individuals. They must refrain from any action that might injure the College or any of its members. The College reserves the right to request withdrawal, at any time, of a student whose conduct or academic standing is judged unsatisfactory.

Housing Policy Overview

The college has no facilities for married students. Rooms are provided on a first come, first serve basis to matriculated students with priority given to first year Maine residents who live 30 or more miles from campus. Students may occupy their rooms on the dates specified in the College's calendar, however, are expected to vacate the halls during the Columbus Day Weekend, Thanksgiving, Christmas, President's Day weekend, spring break, and Easter Weekend. The College is unable to accept responsibility for personal belongings, and suggests that students consider insuring property against loss, damage, theft and fire.

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