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Student Government

The students at Southern Maine Community College have the opportunity for self-government through the Student Senate, which is comprised of students on an elective and voluntary basis. Each department has the option of selecting two students, one each from the freshman and senior classes, to represent them in all phases of campus life at SMCC. Meetings are open to all students.

Officers are elected to positions during the spring semester of each year, and Technology Representatives are elected during the fall semester. The governing body receives monies through the Student Activity Fee and directs the disbursement of those funds to the Activities Committee, clubs and groups requesting assistance. The key roles of student government are to express student opinions and needs to College
Administration, and to promote activities representing the concerns and interests of students.

The Student Senate meets on a regular basis, is open to all students who wish to attend, and assumes responsibilities related to the following:

1. An Activities Calendar including dances, the Student Activities Committee of the Senate organizes field days, social events, luncheons, and student conferences.

2. Limited and partial membership in the YMCA and YWCA whenever possible.

3. Discounted golf at South Portland Golf Course

4. Financial support for:

a. Student clubs and groups
b. general student socials
c. student trips and program speakers
d. theatre productions

5) Identification cards for all students.

6) Student grievances, through a Grievance Committee.

7) Distribution of Student Activity Funds, based on request, need, etc. (All distributions must be approved by the Student Senate and the Senate Advisor.)

8) Student Senate Clubs, Groups, and Committees.
The following is a list of current clubs and groups and standing committees:

Activities Committee
Finance Committee
Public Relations Committee
Grievance Committee
Student Assistance Committee
Computer Club
Students for Environmental Awareness
EMS First Responders
Unity International Club
Video Club

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